Pheromone perfume Sensfeel for Man

  • Аромат: Афродизиак
  • Обем ml: 10
Price: 39.00 BGN

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The best-seller Sensfeel for Man eau de toilette perfume in travel size.
Orgie exclusive formula containing the natural-based active ingredient Sensfeel™ for Him, a pheromone booster that can increase the power of attraction of men through the simultaneous action of two of its components: Forskolin that increases the expression of the enzyme 3 beta-HSD enhancing the production of androstadienone, and Theaflavins that reduces the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme decreasing the metabolism of androstadienone resulting in its accumulation.

Pheromone perfume eau de toilette for man.

Elegant fragrance that exhales sensuality and virility in men. The energy of citruses, the exoticism of pepper with florals and the strength of the woods.

How to use
We advise the use in areas of higher level of blood circulation, such as neck and wrists. The effect of Sensfeel For Man reaches its maximum response 30 minutes after application and lasts for a few hours. Shake well before use. Reapply as desired.

01 Sensfeel for Man, individual color box packaging.

Individual packaging:
Spray glass bottle 10ml | 0.34 fl oz