Масажна пяна Acqua Croccante маракуя

  • Аромат: Маракуя
  • Обем ml: 150
Price: 49.00 BGN

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The new fragrance joins the exclusive line of Orgie Acqua Croccante Monoi, Sakura and Strawberry.

Acqua Croccante is more than a moisturizing mousse for body massage. It is a delicious surprise, ideal for foreplay. When applied to the skin and massaged, it creates a sensation of crunchy effervescence that is very pleasant and fun. Skin moisturizer, non-sticky.

Passion Fruit. Mild sweet, fruity-floral.

How to use
Shake before use to activate components that increase the effervescent effect. Apply the desired amount with gentle pressure massage movements.

01 Acqua Croccante Passion Fruit

Individual packaging
Aerosol bottle 150ml | 5.07 fl oz.