Орален спрей Wow! ягода

  • Аромат: Ягода
  • Обем ml: 10
  • Тип: Възбуждащ
  • Цвят: Червен
Price: 39.00 BGN

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The icy sensory sensation is known to be extremely pleasant in kissing and oral sex. Our best seller Wow! had inspired suggestions to develop a version combining its original formula with a new flavor, and the flavor matchmaking sparkled with strawberry. Product for her and for him.

Bucal spray formulated with menthol, eucalyptus, and strawberry flavor that takes kissing to higher levels and stimulates the oral sex pleasures with its exciting instant icy sensory sensation.

Menthol, Strawberry

How to use:
Spray 1 or 2 times in the mouth just before kissing and/or oral sex. Reapply if desired.

01 Wow! Strawberry Ice, individual color box packaging.