Franchising is the most successful business model in the modern world. It allows everyone to start their own business immediately, using the brand and business model of a proven franchise chain.

Franchising turns small business into big business!
According to research by the International Franchising Association, 82% of those who started a franchise business continue to be on the market after the fifth year. Only 20% of independent start-ups can boast the same. Currently, 40% of all retail sales in the United States are realized by franchisees. The forecast is that in 2035, over 50% of all products and services worldwide will be sold on a franchise basis.

Sexwell is a trademark specializing in the sale of adult products.
Sexual Ltd. is the largest wholesaler in the industry and the largest chain of sex shops in Bulgaria. He is the successor of the first Tango sex shops since 1991.

Since 2006, Sexwell has been offering a franchise partnership
With a wide variety of high quality goods (over 2000 items) Sexwell is an established market leader. The new site is an example of innovation in online commerce and a special attitude towards end customers. By joining the Sexwell idea, you will benefit from the brand's popularity, the operating system for managing physical stores and our many years of experience.

Ready business model
When you buy a franchise, you start working immediately, using proven technology, a ready-made business model and training. This saves you the long years of trial and error that the franchisor has already gone through.

Minimal risk
According to various studies, nearly 90% of independent new companies fail in the first 5 years, while nearly 90% of companies that started buying a franchise continue to be on the market after this period. Franchising helps to multiply only successful models, which reduces the risks of your new venture many times over.

Economies of scale
Franchise chains buy wholesale consumables, uniforms, promotional materials, software, etc. This reduces the cost of your product or service and makes them more competitive during a crisis. Larger scale allows the business to grow by developing new products, conducting marketing research and using various consulting services. In addition, as part of a franchise chain with a proven business model, you could more easily get a loan.

For the franchise, the chain is profitable to invest in building a strong and popular brand, to organize large-scale advertising and PR campaigns, something that is unthinkable for an independent small business. The development of a national network is especially important if you offer services - so it becomes possible to take over the overall service of large corporate clients.

Higher quality
Franchising creates a system for control of service, products and quality. Therefore, customers know that they will receive a product of a specific quality, regardless of which object in the chain they buy it. This model cultivates business and is a barrier against the crisis because companies with poor service will be the first to lose customers.

If you start a franchise business and you succeed, you can continue by purchasing a second franchise. Many franchisors can offer you discounts, loans or rescheduling for this. If you have a successful business, you could develop it as a franchise. In this way you will solve at the same time the problems with the motivation of the managers of your individual representative offices and with the financing (because the investment is made by the franchisees).

Finally - if one day you decide to part with your business - the franchise model offers you an easier way out of the investment. If you work for a franchise, you could sell your business much faster and more profitably - including to your franchisor.