Sexwell Honey Jar

  • Аромат: Билков
  • Обем ml: 40
  • Тип: Билкова основа
Price: 29.00 BGN

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Arousing honey with herbs Sexwell Honey - an aphrodisiac for two!

The perfect way to arouse desire in you and your partner! Sexwell Honey is a special arousing honey with herbs that increases female libido and improves male erection. The jar contains 40g. copper, which is enough for two people.

Delicious, arousing honey that will ignite the passion in you and your partner. Also ideal as a Valentine's Day gift!

The jar is enough to share between two people. It is recommended that the woman eat it a little earlier than the man.

All natural product with no side effects. Not recommended for use by heart patients, diabetics, pregnant and lactating women. Do not exceed the daily dose of 20 g. It is not a substitute for a varied diet.

COMPOSITION of 40 g of product: glucose syrup 30 g; epimedium extract 0.6 g; pollen 0.6 g; cinnamon 0.6 g; carob 0.6 g; tribulus terestis extract 0.5 g; ginseng root extract 0.6 g; ginkgo biloba extract 0.6 g; coconut 0.5 g; male salep extract 0.4 g; ferula root 0.4 g; ginger 0.4 g, turmeric 0.4 g; long pepper 0.4 g; black cumin 0.4 g; small galangal 0.4 g; slice 0.4 g; nettle seeds 0.3 g; cardamom 0.2 g; celery seeds 0.2 g; coriander 0.2 g; licorice root 0.2 g; tail pepper 0.2 g; black pepper 0.2 g; cloves (buds) 0.2 g; thyme 0.2 g; vanilla 0.2 g.


Mıja mi izyade bolovinata na vednaj na gladno i nyama nikakaf efekt ne si zaslujava
супер е медчето. мацката на раковска в магазина ме зариби със сашета и си купих бурканче сега и е много яко.
Много съм доволна! За пореден път поръчвам, препоръчах го и на приятели!
Това действа! За първи път нещо наистина да работи. Хуя ми започна да пулсира, свърших два пъти и можех още.
Много ми хареса на мен и жената също беше ок. На мен ми подейства по-бързо
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