Invisible vibrator Lubigel Attraction

Good for women
  • Обем ml: 30
  • Тип: С феромони] (Списък под-акцентирани) Аромат: N[Ягода
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№: 2165 Good for women
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LUBIGEL - intimate gel with a "liquid vibrator" effect: discover the magic of the special formula with extracts from the wild forests of the Amazon.

How to use: 1-2 drops of the gel are applied to the clitoris and labia. At first you will feel a slight tickle, which will gradually intensify, throwing you into a thrilling ecstasy! The effect lasts about 15-20 minutes, depending on how much gel you put on and what your sensitivity threshold is.

We recommend testing with a small amount beforehand, as the effect can be very strong!

Flavors: Strawberry


Пари ужасно, никакво приятно усещане, ужасно лепкав и гъст, помпата се развали след първата употреба...
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