About us

SEXWELL is the most developed chain of specialized sex shops in Bulgaria, since 1991. Today, the SEXWELL brand is extremely popular among all ages and is a symbol not only of sexuality in its purest form, but also of sexual culture, interest and education.

More about sex shop SEXWELL

  • SEXWELL was established in 1991, and at that time it was the only store of its kind in Bulgaria. It began to develop, despite the shrinking market and the timidity of the Eastern European people, and to this day it remains the leading sex shop in the domestic bulgarian market.
  • In 2008, the number of our stores reached 32, but due to the global economic crisis, many of them had to close down.
  • In our sites in Sofia and Varna you will find an extremely wide range of various products of European and world quality, including a large share of leading global manufacturers in the industry: FUN FACTORY, LELO, LEG AVENUE, SATISFYER, JOYDIVISION, BACI Lingerie and others.


  • Over 3000 items on stock (the only sex shop with such a rich stock);
  • Unified price list for each SEXWELL store, regardless of its location (if it is a neighborhood, central or resort site);
  • A role in many global campaigns, such as the Green line bio-campaign - against each returned battery in a SEXWELL store you can receive a condom (the campaigns were valid until the end of 2011);
  • No Aids campaign - 50% of the price of each condom purchased goes to donate campaigns against AIDS; including free distribution of condoms at special occasions.

Our policy

  • For us, the most important thing is for our clients to take the first step towards getting to know and enriching their sexuality.
  • We guarantee the sending of quality items - without defects or with expired date.
  • Our customers have the opportunity to order products from the SEXWELL online store or to shop on the spot, in the most convenient SEXWELL store for them.
  • When you place an order online, we will call to confirm that you want to buy and we will send you in a discreet package by courier.

What is our goal?
It is a well-known fact that humanity exists because of sex. This should be the most natural thing in the world, it can be even more natural than eating. Unfortunately, people worldwide have a critical attitude towards intimate activities, and in this aspect Bulgaria is extremely shy. Almost anything that is associated in any way with sex is taboo and rarely becomes a topic of conversation. Silence on the subject often leads to a desire to break the rules, which manifests itself so violently that it gives a vulgar tone to the subject itself, and this vulgarism causes shame and even more silence. A vicious circle of extremes is created and that  harms everyone.

Another obvious problem is that people lack the necessary information. Sex should be neither shameful nor vulgar and dirty. Its purpose is not only reproductive, it is a method of delivering pleasure when practiced wisely. When a person has the necessary knowledge base for himself, when he knows himself well enough, he can allow himself to explore the property of sexuality, to enrich himself and to develop as he enters into every other aspect of his life - education, appearance, career.

Is there a place for sex toys? The very mention evokes an association with something shameful, something that must be hidden, something that your friends and relatives do not want to know.

With this huge wall of insecurity in front of us, backed by crude notions of pornography, what can we do? First of all, we want to help you get to know yourself - you will find many thematic articles on our website that will direct you to knowing about a certain aspect of human sexuality. All items have descriptions that will also guide you in the right direction, and once you get to know yourself, you can determine for yourself exactly what you need.

The sex shop is a shop like any other - it sells goods that people are looking for. Extremes are part of our people's psychology and it would be difficult to modify it, at least for such a short time. Despite everything, we dare to try. Our goal is to inform people, to provide them with the necessary information about their sexuality - because there is nothing shameful in it. Toys are an accessory like any other - like mascara, like an aftershave - designed to give us pleasure and make us feel good. In this case, it is physical, but everything we buy is generally in order to satisfy some of our needs - vital or purely aesthetic.

The truth is that sex is shameful because people choose to present it as something shameful. Get rid of these thoughts - your physical needs are needs like everyone else's and there is nothing wrong with satisfying them. Everyone eats food, but they also like to eat ice cream from time to time, right?