Datex shorts with open crotch GP

Good for women
  • Material: Datex
  • Размер: M
  • Цвят: Черно
Price: 109.00 BGN

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Shorts with an open bottom - a perfect accessory for a dose of unconventionality in the bedroom! Have fun without taking them off - the special opening at the base of the underwear gives you complete freedom!

The new European brand Guilty Pleasure has created a padded latex that is easy to put on - it's called Datex. Datex is made of natural rubber and stretch fabric. The elasticity and strength of the material make it easy to put on, without the need for special ointments and the help of a friend. Latex clothing is comfortable and at the same time provides the classic look of latex clothing that everyone finds so sexy and tempting.

A perfect addition to a fetish and BDSM costume!


Latex rubber is a delicate material that can degrade over time. With proper care, your latex garment can serve you for a long time.

Latex clothing often comes with a thin coating of talc (which can have a distinctive smell). It serves to reduce the friction of the material, which would otherwise stick to itself and be damaged. For this reason, latex clothing should be washed and polished before each use. After wearing, it should be washed again and covered with talc for storage, as the oils released from the skin during wear slowly break down the latex composition!


How to clean at home: Dissolve a small amount of mild soapy detergent (such as dish soap) in lukewarm water and dip your latex into it.
Leave to soak for about 5-10 minutes, turning it inside and out. You can rub it in with your fingers - since the latex is non-porous, most of the dirt will stay on the surface and just dissolve after a short soak. Rinse with clean water, making sure all traces of soap are washed away.

About matte latex: in its natural form, latex is not shiny like the models we are used to seeing. If you want to store your latex or wear it with a matte finish - hang it to dry on a non-metallic hanger. You may wish to shake off most of the water to dry faster, but never hang the garment over a radiator or use heat to speed up the process. Once the garment is dry, sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on both the inside and outside of the garment, making sure it is evenly coated and still not sticking to itself anywhere.

For storage, you can place the accessory in a garment bag or wrap it in tissue paper and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

For shiny latex: if you want to wear your latex shiny, as it is in most photos, you can use a polishing agent, e.g. Vivishine or Pjur Cult. Different brands are available, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Polishing sprays are usually made up mostly of silicone oil and are intended to coat the latex to make it shiny and slippery.

Here's how Vivishine works: Fill a small basin or sink with enough lukewarm water to submerge your latex. Dilute a small amount of nail polish into the water (about a teaspoon per garment, but you'll get a feel for the right amount after a few tries). Turn the garment inside out, rubbing the surface to get the varnish well applied to the latex. You can let the garment soak for a few minutes. When you are satisfied that the garment is well varnished, you can hang it on a non-metallic hanger to air dry.

Vivishine also functions as a dressing aid, so once it dries you can wear your garment straight away. If you need more lubrication, use a silicone-based lubricant. When using nail polish, don't use talcum powder either - they don't mix well!

What to keep latex from:

- avoid sharp objects; latex can tear very easily if punctured. Even the smallest hole can cause a major tear if the garment has been worn. Always check your garment before and after use and make sure you repair any small holes or tears before wearing it;

- avoid contact with metals, especially nickel and copper alloys (such as coins and some jewellery). Latex will stain immediately and permanently;

- avoid contact with petroleum-based oils and lubricants (such as baby oil or petroleum jelly). They can destroy the latex. Instead, use silicone- or talc-based lubricants as a dressing aid, and avoid applying body oils or creams beforehand. Also avoid storing your latex polished with varnish as this will degrade it;

- avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight; natural light will degrade the long-term integrity of your latex. Going out during the day is ok, but don't store your latex uncovered or in a bright place;

- be especially careful with light latex; can be permanently colored very easily