Пенис ринг с анални топчета

  • Length: 31 см.
  • Material: Метал / Силикон
  • Диаметър: 4.5
  • Тегло: 840
  • Цвят: Черно/Сребристо
  • Характеристика: Пълна
Price: 209.00 BGN

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Erection enhancer with heavy plugs for (anal) stimulation!
Smooth metal cock ring with 2 plugs in a wonderful design. The plugs are securely attached to the flexible silicone straps. The cock ring holds the penis securely and can support his erection effectively thanks to the blood congestion effect. The plug weights can be inserted into the anus or can be left to hang down.

Complete length 31 cm. Cock ring Ø 4.5 cm, 0.6 cm thick.
Plugs 3.7 cm/5.1 cm long, Ø 3.2 cm/4.4 cm.
Each strap 20 cm long. Weight: 840 g. Metal, silicone.


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