Have It All box

  • Material: Силикон / ABS
  • Захранване: USB
  • Цвят: Тъмносив
  • Характеристика: Пълна
Price: 439.00 BGN


If you want to steal the cream from the world of sex toys for men, try the super package of FUN FACTORY - Have it all Box!

The box includes:

1. MANTA vibrating masturbator

Masturbator with vibration MANTA - men's toy for couples! MANTA is your new mantra - created to please everyone!

During sex it turns the penis into a vibrator.
During oral sex brings stronger orgasms and a feeling of deep throat.
In solo playing, it brings powerful stimulation and focused sensations.
Modern, discreet and easy to use!

Its special ribs retain lubricant for more pleasant use, and the forked design makes the vibrations more noticeable. 6 speeds and 6 vibration modes are at your disposal!

Brief characteristics:

100% high quality medical silicone
Quiet and discreet
Easy start with on / off button
Lock on the go
Charging indicator
Rechargeable with magnetic USB charging cable - included in the package
6 to 8 hours initial charge
Up to 120 minutes of play on a single charge
Handmade in Germany

2. Penis ring NOS

Powerful penis ring NŌS for two!

Everyone dreams of supreme pleasure in sync. Shared orgasm. Fireworks for two. If you also want to synchronize your orgasms, NŌS is the perfect toy designed to fit your body perfectly.


The vibrating body in most vibrating rings is located exactly where the penis is - it is pleasant for the wearer, but only a small part of the vibration reaches the partner's clitoris. FUN FACTORY create NŌS, keeping in mind the pleasure of both parties. The flickering ears are long enough to reach the clitoris, and flexible enough to move in sync with foreplay.


Oh, you'll like that. The flirt setting is a five-minute program of slightly varying vibrations that predisposes you and prevents you from getting used to a single speed or program.


The strong, super flexible silicone can be easily stretched with your fingers (NŌS fits all sizes). Place your NŌS at the base of the penis so that the ears are facing outwards, where they can touch the labia and clitoris as you touch. You can also put NŌS on your arm for more direct stimulation. No diamonds are needed - this is the ring that makes all the knees soften!


Yes, as long as you have some safety tips in mind! Penis rings hold blood in the penis longer and thus make an erection more powerful and durable. This is completely safe for short periods of time, but should not be overdone. Wear NŌS for only about 20 minutes at a time and listen to your body: if it hurts or you are uncomfortable, take it off.

Brief characteristics:

Vibrating ring that allows you to synchronize your orgasms;
Harder, longer erections;
Flexible ears pamper the clitoris with powerful vibrations;
Ergonomic shape that fits the member perfectly;
Super flexible and elastic medical silicone;
Easy to clean;
Intuitive and easy control.

3. BOOTIE anal dilator

Bootie is a small anal dilator in the shape of a boot. It is suitable for beginners and intermediates in anal love, as it is of medium size.

The BOOTIE anal dilator is made of solid and at the same time smooth and gentle to the touch medical silicone. The head is rounded and slightly curved to the side so that it penetrates easily and smoothly. It is ideal for beginners in anal sex!

It is advisable to cover the expander with a generous amount of water-based lubricant (and in no case silicone) to ensure gentle penetration. The sensitive sphincter muscles will smoothly absorb the dilator and you will feel the arousing feeling of tightness! The wide base will provide you with safety during the game. The expander is completely waterproof, so you can clean it with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap, as well as in the dishwasher. Use only with water-based lubricant and store away from other silicone toys.


ААААААААаааааа аз тези неща съм си ги купувал поотделно през годинитееее :))) Как се минах хахаха
Manta е луда работа... приятелката ми го ползва по-често де ама и аз се възползвам. Бът плъга е много удобен за носене през деня :))) на работа :)))) Само пръстена не съм пробвал ама явно и него ще пробвам отделно. Фън Фактори са класа
много скъпо
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