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Cobeco PheroMen Eau de Parfum is irresistible to the opposite sex, thanks to the exciting masculine scent which is inspired by the natural effect of pheromones. For an ultimate temptation. This flamboyant Eau de Parfum contains a balanced combination of ingredients, which have the same seductive effect as pheromones. Cobeco PheroMen Eau de Parfum has a fresh and manly undertone that stimulates the feminine desires for the masculine appeal.

PheroMen Irresistible Perennial Pomegranate Perfume Perfect for every occasion. The application is very simple with the sprayer placed on the perfume cap. Just a few splashes on your skin. This great perfume will help you to create the right atmosphere wherever you are. The vial has the shape of a male torso. 

Content: 15 ml 

Caution: Apply directly to the body, not to be applied to an erotic aid or condom.


Виждам че са му сменили опаковката. Имам стария с формата на тяло и много го харесвам, беше ми подарък от една стара поръчка. Дано не са сменили формулата...
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