Buttplug Stainless Steel Crystal

  • Length: 7 см.
  • Material: Метал
  • Диаметър: 2.7
  • Тегло: 65
  • Цвят: Бяло/Розово
  • Характеристика: Пълна
Price: 69.00 BGN

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Metal Anal Expander with Crystal - If you love anal games or are curious to try, you must own at least one of these jewels!

Metal anal dilators are among the most preferred types of butt plugs precisely because they are perfectly smooth, penetrate easily and are very easy to clean. The colored crystal at the base is the elegant finish of this anal jewelry, drawing attention to the wearer.

The size of the expander makes it suitable for beginners who are a little more daring and ready to try something new and spicy!

A great gift for your loved one that you can use together.

Size S length: 7cm.; diameter: 2.7 cm.

Please note that some colors may already be out of stock. You can contact us on phone 0884531053, or leave a note in the field when ordering. We will contact you to confirm if your desired color is available.

Material and support:

Metal / metal-coated toys are very durable and easy to clean. Extremely suitable for anal sex, as they do not retain odors and body fluids. Another advantage of the material is that it quickly accepts the temperature of the environment - you can immerse the toy in warm (not hot) or cold water and experiment with different sensations. To sanitize them, it is enough to wash them well with warm water and antibacterial soap. Metal toys can be boiled, but only if they do not have additional components (decoration), as boiling water can unstick them.


Направих си експеримент. Купих си този и подобен от алиекспрес за има-няма 10 лева да ги сравня...... на външен вид 1:1 и двата, обаче след една седмица на китаеца му се обели "металното" покритие, появиха се някакви шупли и стана рисковано за ползване... а този е като нов, така че явно си има значение откъде идва
уникален разширител. Влиза топлкова нежно, сигурно и без лубрикант ще стане но не смея да пробвам без :) супер лесно влизане без никаква болка
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