Зарядно USB за играчките на FunFactory

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Fun Factory's magnetic charging cable is environmentally friendly while saving you time and money!

If you've lost your charger, you can get a replacement!

Fun Factory set a revolutionary new standard in the world of sex toys, when implementing the magnetic charger. All new Fun Factory rechargeable vibrators are charged via the "CLICK 'N' CHARGE" system.

The connection between the cable and the battery of the vibrator is now made with a magnetic tip that sticks to the "FUN" logo on the toy. The other end of the charger is USB.

By using a magnetic charger you save extra battery costs and protect the environment from used batteries that cannot be recycled.

The charger is compatible with all new FUN FACTORY rechargeable vibrators and you only need to purchase it once. 

With the environment in mind, SexWell highly recommends FUN FACTORY's new rechargeable vibrators.


Много лесно за употреба! Препоръчвам!
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