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Good for men
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Delay spray for men, without lidocaine or benzocaine! The active ingredients are absorbed by the top layer of skin and can prevent premature ejaculation.

- Delay spray for men 
- Reduces oversensitivity of the skin 
- Lidocaine- and benzocaine-free

Many of us want to last longer but can't. pjur superhero Performance Spray is Pjur special delay spray developed specifically for MEN. The careful balance of active ingredients in pjur superhero Performance Spray helps prolong pleasure and can prevent premature ejaculation - without lidocaine or benzocaine. It has a refreshing effect and increases suppleness. The special ingredients reduce skin oversensitivity. pjur superhero Performance Spray is one of Pjur best-selling products worldwide.

The spray also works perfectly with pjur superhero glide, Pjur water-based personal lubricant with the natural active ingredient ginkgo designed to boost strength and staying power!


Купих този и Long Love за да ги сравня... е този е много по-добър!
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