Вибромасажор с аметист

  • Length: 15 см.
  • Material: Метал
  • Диаметър: 2.5
  • Захранване: 1 x AAA
  • Характеристика: Не
Price: 49.00 BGN

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Beautiful gemstones combined with fine vibrations, that is the new vibrating massager from La Gemmes. This chic, elegant massager is an asset to your skin. Gentle vibrations, with the healing effect of the gemstones, pamper your skin in a delicate way.

Use the massager on your face for a subtle facial massage, refresh your complexion by stimulating the blood circulation of the skin, or in preparation for your skin care.
This massager is also very suitable for gently stimulating sensitive parts of your body. Stimulate your intimate parts such as your nipples or clitoris, feel the vibrations in your body and the effect of the stones.

The massager fits comfortably in the hand due to its elegant design and emits vibrations of 6000 x per minute, so you can use the massager with precision. It comes in a beautiful storage case, so you can take La Gemmes with you wherever you go. The massager is easy to use, with 1 push of a button you can turn the massager on or off. The battery is easy to replace by removing the switch cover counter-wise.

How to select your gemstone
You can select a suitable crystal based on your intuition - to which stone you are most drawn. You cannot make a wrong decision; the stone you choose is the right stone for you in that moment. If you aren’t sure which gemstone you prefer, you can also make a selection based on the stone’s energetic properties. You may find that after using a stone for a certain period, you feel that you would prefer a different stone or that you like to alternate them. Trust your feeling and choose what feels right in that moment.

Amethyst is transparent with a colour ranging from lilac to dark purple. The stone provides stress release and helps the body to release negativity and negative emotions. Amethyst stimulates the upper chakra, allowing it to advance your spiritual growth. This can provide you with insight into, and dismissal of, your bad habits. With its cleansing properties, amethyst can relieve headaches and reduce migraines and sleeping disorders.
Purifying, protective, cleansing, advances spiritual growth.

Size: 15 x 2,5 cm
Material: Metal and 100% gemstone
Battery: 1 AA (not included)

Because the crystals are natural products and processed by hand, each stone is unique, and the color and size of each stone may vary.
The crystals will have minor imperfections because of the raw nature of the stones. Be careful when storing your crystal, it can break when it falls.

It is normal for a gem to get some cracks or even break during the course of time, this is because the stone absorbs energy. Take care of the stone and always check in advance if the stone is still intact before you use the stone. 


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