Разширител с постъпателни движения ANOS

unisex Good for all
  • Length: 14,4-15,9 см.
  • Material: Силикон / ABS / PU
  • Диаметър: 3-3,7
  • Захранване: USB + батерии
  • Тегло: 146
  • Цвят: Черен
  • Характеристика: Частична
Price: 229.00 BGN

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Pushing anal dilator ANOS

An amazing anal vibrator with three control methods that both partners can enjoy, even from a distance. Control can be done via the button on the toy itself, via the wireless remote or via a mobile application.
The combination of vibrations and thrusts can precisely hit all your erogenous zones and satisfy even the most demanding lovers of anal pleasures. The massager extends with each push of the 6 thrust modes.
The 10 vibration modes and 6 thrust modes can be controlled separately with the toy button or the remote control, which has a range of 5 meters, giving one of the partners the freedom to control the game from a distance. The wide base ensures safe use.

Brief Features:

  • Anal dilator with vibration and thrusts;
  • Full length 15.9 cm, usable length 13 cm;
  • Ø max. 3-3.7 cm;
  • Weight 146g.;
  • Material: silicone, PU, ​​ABS;
  • The extender is rechargeable with a USB cable (included);
  • The remote is charged with an AAA battery (not included);
  • Remote with a range of 5 meters;
  • Management via APP/mobile application;
  • Multi-levels of vibration.