Презерватив My Size Pro 72 mm

Price: 2.90 BGN


MY.SIZE PRO 72mm is specifically designed for men who have long and wide penises because this extra big rubber is probably the largest condom ever made. If regular wrappers don’t work for you, we have found you a solution.
Traditionally-shaped condom is the perfect choice for gentlemen who like to have more space. Since these well-made rubbers are wider and simpler to put on, there are less opportunities to break a condom while unrolling it on.
Try MY.SIZE PRO 72 and you will find your new favorite condom. However, if you still have any doubts about the size, you can purchase one piece and try it before ordering more. Don’t hide your power in a condom that is too small.
All MY.SIZE PRO condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine. They come in 9 different sizes to meet every man’s unique needs in measurement. Because everyone is different.

Brand    My.Size
Also know as    -
Special features    Regular
Größe    Super Large
Shape    Straight
Texture    Glatt
Color    Clear
Flavor    Unflavored
Material    Natural rubber latex
Thickness    50 microns
Width at base    72mm / 2.84" inches
Length    233mm / 9.2" inches

За да определите перфектният размер за вас, използвайте официалният инструмент за измерване на www.mysize-measure.com