MaleEdge Extra

  • Length: Регулируема см.
  • Material: ABS PLASTIC
  • Диаметър: 7.8
  • Тегло: 65
  • Цвят: Зелен
Price: 349.00 BGN

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Penis enlarger MaleEdge Extra - for a permanently bigger member!

When you use the patented MaleEdge penis enlargement product, results are guaranteed. MaleEdge relies on a simple but effective method of penis enlargement - the tension application method, which has been clinically proven to be effective in the many clinical studies of the manufacturer DanaLife.

Penis enlargement by applying measured tension is a safe and painless enlargement technique, the results of which are permanent.

It is also up to you how long you wear the enlarger. The moment you decide you are happy with the length/thickness achieved, you can simply stop using MaleEdge. Ultimately, you determine your own penis enlargement goals, and MaleEdge will help you achieve them.

MaleEdge is a safe and natural alternative to penile enlargement surgery.

On average, men who use MaleEdge increase their penis size by 28% in length and 19% in thickness.

The penis enlargement you have achieved remains permanent. When you enlarge your penis using MaleEdge, you will keep the length achieved forever. MaleEdge is currently the number one penis enlargement product on the market!

Corrects the consequences of Peyronie's syndrome
MaleEdge is ideal for people whose penis is severely curved (Peyronie's syndrome). Studies show that MaleEdge can correct this problem, reducing distortion by 50% to 90%. If you want to straighten your penis and at the same time increase it by a few centimeters - MaleEdge is just for you!

Method of training:
The six-week "Slow Start" program is ideal for first-time users to get used to the device. The initial MaleEdge training program gives your body time to adapt by starting with low traction and short periods of wear.

The tensile strength and duration of use are then gradually increased week by week. The launch schedule is indicative – if you feel you can move forward faster than stated, you can as the product is safe. Once the desired results are achieved, the penis enlargement program can simply be stopped - the results are permanent.

Color: green and black
Packaging: green
Pull Range: 1200g (42 Oz.) to 2800g (99 Oz.)
Sizes it fits: 4 cm (1.6 inch) to 24 cm (9.5 inch)
Warranty: 1 year

Kit Contents:
MaleEdge device
Storage bag
3 rubber straps (one on the device and 2 spare)
Official Training Program (Brochure)
1 Softening guard

Benefits of MaleEdge

Increasing penis size will bring an overall boost in self-esteem, improve your sex life and therefore improve overall life satisfaction. MaleEdge sees size enhancement as an alternative way to take care of your body like going to the gym or eating healthy. Start your journey to getting a bigger penis today.

MaleEdge penis enlargement device is the original and best method of penis enlargement. MaleEdge is proud to have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing the best penis extenders and over half a million satisfied customers.


Increased permanent member size
Stronger/longer erections
It can help with premature ejaculation
Straightening the curvature / Peyronie's syndrome.
MaleEdge has no side effects in the medical sense, but you should still note that when using it, it is possible to experience:

Discomfort around the fixation area behind the head (can be relieved with softener (included) or sealant (purchased separately))
Initial difficulty getting the right grip
Slipping of the head of the member during traction
Impatience - using too much tension too soon
Be patient and listen to your body!

*100% Money Back Guarantee Terms:

MaleEdge are so confident in the results you will get from using the MaleEdge penis enlargement device that they offer a money back guarantee. If your penis size has not increased after completing the MaleEdge program, your money will be refunded.

MaleEdge guarantees that the product will give you enlargement if used correctly and consistently. If you have not enlarged your penis within 600 hours of training, with an average traction of 2000 g, you can apply for a money back guarantee.

The money-back guarantee can be claimed at any time during your first six months and 600 hours of training with the product (only one refund per customer). 6 months after receiving the product, your right to refund is lost. All you have to do is enter your measurements every week in the MaleEdge diary to track your progress.

You need to take a picture before and after the program with the medium traction product applied to make sure you used it correctly. In the "before" picture and the "after" picture you should include the same ruler, placed along the length of the penis, pointing towards the glans.

If you're traveling somewhere and won't have internet access, you can email the manufacturer to let them know when you won't be able to send your results.