Пенис колан за мъже Erection Assistant

  • Length: 23 см.
  • Диаметър: 4.5
  • Цвят: Телесен
  • Групова х-ка: Страп-он / Пенис колан
  • Характеристика: Пълна
Price: 129.00 BGN


Always hard and ready for action!
A realistic, hollow dildo securely attached to a stretchy and adjustable strap-on harness. A stiff dildo with pronounced glans and veins that can be felt a lot. The dildo massages and stimulates intensely. HE can wear it (even without an erection!) for more length and girth, and to make him stronger and harder. There is even a space for his testicles. SHE can also wear it for pegging and thrusting lesbian pleasure.

The hip circumference can be adjusted from 73 cm to 150 cm.
Dildo: complete length 24 cm, outer Ø 4.5 cm; insertion depth for the penis 17.7 cm – with testicles 23 cm, inner Ø for the penis 4 cm – for the testicles 6 cm; insertion length 17.7 cm. PVC, PU, polyester.