Мастурбатор Premium Dual Sensationl

Good for men
  • Length: 15.5 см.
  • Material: ТПЕластомер
  • Диаметър: 6.7
  • Цвят: Син
  • Характеристика: Пълна
Price: 55.00 BGN

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Masturbator Premium Dual Sensationl

The new luxury series of masturbators PREMIUM TENGA CUP offers more intense stimulation with specific details of the inner relief and improved materials of the sleeve and lubricant. The feeling is captivating and the masturbation is surprisingly satisfying.

The cuff is made of elastomer and is 1.5 times thicker than the masturbators from the original series. The details are reinforced, the shapes are complicated and the material is richly lubricated in advance with premium TENGA lubricant for intensive stimulation from the moment of penetration to the grand finale.

Thanks to the fine adjustment of the hardness of the elastomer and the sealing sponge, the contrast in the feeling created by the two channels of the Premium Dual Sensation CUP is definite, and the pleasure is all-consuming. Premium Dual Sensation CUP provides contrast stimulation from the two opposing channels of the masturbator with a firmer touch on the hard side and softer stroking on the soft side. Combined with the improved interior materials, the feeling of penetrating the Premium Dual Sensation CUP will make you follow Jeff Bezos into space.

With the help of the valve you can also adjust the suction force inside.

Size (L × W × H mm): 69 × 69 × 155
Penetration length (mm): 150
Penetration width (mm): 45
Weight (g): 154

Other features: Disposable, pre-lubricated Materials:

Cuff: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

Housing: PE

Lubricant content: water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydrogenated castor oil Peg-40, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxyethanol, cyclopentasiloxane, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, iodopropynatyl butylcar