Лубрикант pjur ORIGINAL 100 ml,силиконов

  • Обем ml: 100
  • Тип: Силиконова основа
Price: 55.00 BGN

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The original best-seller and one of the most popular silicone personal lubricants worldwide. Extremely efficient, offering exceptionally long-lasting lubrication.

- Extra-long-lasting lubricant
- A few drops suffice 
- Compatible with latex condoms

This formula is great as a personal lubricant and a massage gel. The silicone molecules remain on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed. As a result,  pjur ORIGINAL delivers extremely long-lasting lubrication, making it ideal for sex and long-lasting massages. 

What's more: Avowed pjur fan and author Charlotte Roche recommended pjur ORIGINAL in her novel "Wetlands": “pjur is the best lubricant, because it is odorless and does not soak in.” 
Roche, Charlotte: Wetlands. Cologne 2008. Page 25

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.


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