Комплект за фетиш игри Ultimate

  • Material: ABS / TPE / PU / Metal
  • Количество: 10
  • Цвят: Черен
Price: 139.00 BGN

It will be even more fun with...

№: 3727 Good for women
309.00 BGN
№: 1778 Good for women
199.00 BGN
№: 3652 unisex Good for all
179.00 BGN


We've put together the biggest fetish collection in the world with one goal in mind--to give you the best all-in-one-kit ever assembled so you can fulfill your deepest fetish fantasies! Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground and enjoy everything this incredible kit has to offer. We tried to think of everything so you won't have to---from cuffs to ball gags and everything in between, we have your fetish fix! Kit Includes: Ball Gag Butt Plug Mini Mite Vibe Love Mask Handcuffs Nipple Chain Clips Hot Wax Candle Feather Tickler Cat O' Nine Tails Grey Silk Tie Ben-Wa Balls


Over the past 20 years, Pipedream Products has created and developed some of the best-selling novelty products in the world. Among these products are lifelike toys and vibes but also a wide range of gags, lotions, fetish gear and gifts.


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