Комплект LOONA

  • Material: Полиестер/полиуретан
  • Размер: L / XL
  • Цвят: Черен
Price: 159.00 BGN

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№: 81010 Good for women
159.00 BGN
№: 9305 Good for men
39.00 BGN
№: 2604
49.00 BGN


LOONA bra and bikini set M/L - amazing women's set!
Loona is a combination of sensual Lace and artificial leather. The uniqueness of the model is given by the straps around the bust, which at the same time emphasize it and will make it look fuller.

calyces reinforced with banelli
adjustable straps
does not dye when washed
material: 60% polyurethane, 40% polyester
set contains: bra + thong