Избелващ и възбуждащ крем Intimus White

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Intimate whitening and stimulating cream
Formulated with the most efficient skin clarifying active ingredient - Sephiwhite - the intimate areas skin gets clearer in just few weeks.

Intimus White formula also contains Ginkgo Biloba known for its vasodilator property, and Ginseng known for its aphrodisiac property.

Both stimulate the sexual desire. For her and him.

- With the most efficient intimate skin clarifying active ingredient in its formula - sepywhite
- the intimate areas gets more clear in just a few weeks.
- Proven effects
- with Gingko Bilboa and Ginseng (natural aphrodisiacs)
- provides a lighter, younger, radiant and uniformed skin tone on the intimate parts

Orgie - Intimus White Intimate Whitening Stimulating Cream 50 ml