Love Drops Spanish Fly 15 ml

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  • Обем ml: 15
  • Тип: Афродизиак
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The most famous aphrodisiac in the world - the Spanish fly, will ignite the spark of passion in your life!

The purpose of the drops is to increase sexual desire in women, as well as to increase libido in men. Especially suitable for partners who feel that they have lost their sexual desire and want to revive it. The drops have a barely perceptible smell and taste, and can be added to any drink.

Dosage - 5 to 10 drops, but no more than 15 drops daily (in a drink), or 5 to 7 drops under the tongue, about 20 minutes before intercourse.

Contents: in 2ml, water, 26mg L-Arginine, 9.4mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (16% daily value), preservatives: E211, E202

Caution: not to be used in case of problems with the nervous system (depression, mania, etc.), or in case of allergy to the mentioned substances; Do not overdose!


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