Men pheromones Attraction, concentrate

Good for men
  • Обем ml: 7
  • Тип: С феромони
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№: 70343 Good for men
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Pheromones for men Attraction, concentrate

Pheromone concentrate, enhancing natural attraction. It contains a special formula that provokes a discreet and irresistible attraction in your partner. Apply to the neck and wrists using the included spatula. Massage until absorbed.

Pheromones are naturally occurring substances that serve for seduction, being released from the body in a certain case requiring sexual attention. They are perceived by a special organ in the nose called the vomeronasal organ. Although they are invisible, colorless and odorless, they influence the subconscious and are successfully combined with all kinds of aromas. Even a small amount stimulates the brain and affects social behavior.


Смесих го с моя парфюм и съм много доволен от резултата, който не закъсня.
Определено дамите са по-привлечени от мен.
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