Pheromone pen SXS for men 6 ml.

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Pheromone perfume for men SXS, in a discreet "pen" packaging.

The attraction between the sexes is due to special chemical compounds released by the body - pheromones. They provoke the desire for contact in people of the same or the opposite sex.

SXS pheromone works on women's subconscious as soon as they "sniff" the fragrance.

How it works: Pheromones are recognized by a specific organ in the nose called the vomeronasal organ (VNO) and thus influence the subconscious. When a woman's ENT detects pheromones, it automatically sends a signal (most often sexual) to the brain, and this creates a desire for intimacy in the woman.

In animals, the pheromone signals that the moment is right for breeding.

Where to use it: Neck and wrists.


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