Mimi Heart skin jewelry

unisex Good for all
  • Material: Изкуствени камъни
  • Цвят: Червено
Price: 15.00 BGN
22.00 BGN

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Chest jewelry - for the woman who always knows how to surprise!

Do you want to surprise your partner with something new, unusual and sexy? You've tried erotic underwear, erotic costumes, all kinds of accessories... but it's time for something naughty and unconventional!

Mimi is a seductive set of double heart-shaped chest jewelry - made up of numerous glittering self-adhesive crystals. They are perfect for all kinds of erotic occasions, from a surprise for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, to erotic dancing and seduction!

The jewelry is placed on a silicone base that adheres tightly to the skin and holds firmly - without adding glue! They are placed around the nipples.

With this set, you can create an irresistible desire in everyone!