Анални-вагинални топчета с въже

  • Length: 100 см.
  • Material: Метал/ Полиестер
  • Диаметър: 3.2
  • Цвят: Черно/Сребристо
Price: 109.00 BGN


Captivating plug play for BDSM experts!
The set of Bondage Plugs with 10 m Rope from fetish collection fills the vagina and anus holes in a pleasurable way and make sure that they stay in place!

The 2 different sized ball-shaped plugs can be slid up and down the bar which means that they can be adjusted to fit the person wearing them. The balls can be unscrewed and swapped. There is also a ring at either end of the bar. The included bondage rope can be attached to the rings and then tied around the body/neck to keep the ball-shaped plugs in place.

Rope 10 m long; bar 15.6 cm long, 0.8 cm thick, ring Ø 2.2 cm; bar with plugs 3 cm long, plug Ø 3.2 cm/3.8 cm. Weight (without rope) 149 g.

Metal, polyester.


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