Snug plug, weighted, S

unisex Good for all
  • Length: 8.6 см.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Диаметър: 2
  • Размер: S
  • Тегло: 55
  • Цвят: Розов
  • Характеристика: Пълна
Price: 119.00 BGN

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Snug Plug size S - super comfortable, 55 gram anal dilator that creates an arousing feeling of fullness in the butt.

Torpedo shape - unlike all anal dilators you've ever seen, Snug Plugs have a special "torpedo" shape that helps them penetrate easily and stimulate intensely.

Weight - each Snug Plug has a special weight, from 55 to 350 grams.

Pressure - the application of specially measured pressure in the anus stimulates the prostate and the A-spot, and thus makes it possible to reach an intense orgasm easier.

Comfortable design - long, thin and flexible neck, comfortable to hold base and perfect smooth silicone without edges - all this makes Snug Plugs super comfortable to wear for a long time - not only during sex, but also during daily activities such as walking, shopping, work, etc. The non-porous material guarantees easy maintenance and excellent hygiene.

Solo or with a partner - enjoy Snug Plugs discreetly or put them on during sex. The extra sensation in the anus during penetration will bring you legs orgasmic waves of pleasure!

Brief characteristics:

  • Ideal for beginners
  • No edges
  • With weights
  • Easy to insert
  • Thin, flexible neck
  • Comfortable handle
  • 100% waterproof
  • With case for discreet storage
  • book Guide to Anal Play
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer