Bad Kitty pet play plug and ears

  • Length: 9.3 см.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Диаметър: 4.1
  • Цвят: Черен
Price: 89.00 BGN

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Little kitty... ;)
An ideal set for pet play!

Set of plush cat ears with tiara (black outside, pink inside) and anal dilator with tail.
The anal plug is 9.3 cm long (usable part 8.5 cm, Ø 4.1 cm). It is recommended to use with a generous amount of water-based anal lubricant. The tail is 37.7 cm long. The anal plug is made of silicone with a polyurethane coating, and the tail is made of 70% polyacrylic, 30% polyester.

The ears are 8 cm long, made of 100% polyester and attached to a metal diadem.

A perfect accessory for your favorite naughty sweet kitty!