Anal douche Ultimate Douche

  • Length: 8.25 см.
  • Material: Полиетилен
  • Цвят: Прозрачно
Price: 19.00 BGN

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CalExotics® Ultimate Douche ™ is the ultimate anal douche accessory. With it you can be sure to maintain the highest standard of anal hygiene - any worries about cleanliness can be put behind you with this premium anal douche.

The accessory is reusable. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, which means you can clean it quickly and effortlessly, and the sturdy construction makes it a reliable tool. The douchehas a completely transparent bottle, which allows the user to judge exactly how much water there is left. It is not only hygienic, but also safe to use, so you have complete peace of mind when using it anally.

This superior cleaning system comes with two attachments, allowing you to take advantage of in-shower cleaning options. Discreet, easy to use.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • For multiple uses
  • Discreet

How to use: If you're new to anal douching, we recommend starting with an anal douche like this one. Remove the douche from the packaging and wash it to make sure it is clean. Then unscrew the bulb and fill it with water directly under the tap or by submerging it in a container of water. The water temperature should be pleasantly warm and tested beforehand to ensure your safety and comfort.

Screw on the nozzle, cover its tip with lubricant and insert it into the anus carefully. We advise doing this above the toilet as the angle allows for easy placement and keeps the whole process clean and hygienic.

Once it's comfortable, squeeze the "bulb" of the douche, so it will release water into the rectum. It will gently cleanse it, removing waste matter. Squeeze the bulb gently for a lighter stream of water and more firmly for a stronger stream. Always start slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts. For most people, slower is more comfortable.

Once you're done, carefully remove the douche and hold the water in your rectum until you feel the natural urge to expel it. It is recommended that you repeat this action several times until the water you release runs clear.

Use your anal douche about 45 minutes before anal play for optimal cleanliness. Be patient and make sure your body feels good. Add some anal lube - the anus doesn't produce any natural lubrication, so it's important to use lube before proceeding.

Find the most comfortable angle to shower at. If you feel pain, stop immediately.

Made of PVC and ABS plastic. Compatible with all lubricants, easy to clean with soap and water.

About the manufacturer

CalExotics is a leading global manufacturer of adult products. The company began with the vision to create more inspiring intimate products that better meet the needs of people who want to increase pleasure in their everyday lives. CalExotics produces a wide variety of the highest quality products in every price range. Each product is designed, tested and manufactured to provide an exceptional experience every time.